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Volume 1 of The Year of the Red Door. In the course of a single year, a humble clerk will become the greatest king who ever ruled. The epic fantasy you've been waiting for begins here! Product details File Size: December 14, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Cannot believe i failed to post a review when was finished reading an amazing book! This is an excellent series that draws you in more and more each chapter. Steven Zimmer is a very articulate writer that strives to write in a manner that not only keeps your attention, but more than provides you the mindset that you are actually IN the story with his vivid and highly detailed descriptions of not only the places they are in but in making you feel like you KNOW the characters Highly reccommend this series to anyone that likes either scify OR fantasy!

Dream of Legends picks up right where book one left off. It feels as if you never leave one to get to the other. There are many unexpected twists and turns within the book, making it more realistic. This book leaves you wanting more and makes you ready for book three to come out. There are so many characters within this series that you get hooked on and truly worry about the outcome of. Janus and his journey as well as Mershad are my two personal favorites at least for now.

Highly recommend this saga trilogy. The story line for the series is interesting. There are times when the verbiage and detailed descriptions really slow the story down. Knowing what each of the warriors as in thousands is wearing does not let the reader use any imagination and causes the story to drag.

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I enjoyed this book very much and look forward to finishing the series and reading more by this author. Unfortunately they have arrived at a time of great unrest and conflict. The assault upon the Kingdom of Saxany and the tribes of the Five Realms ignites as the Unifier's gaze turns southward across the seas to the faraway lands of Midragard. These are desperate and dangerous times for everyone with war inevitable.

It will take all the guile, skill and courage of everyone to survive. Anyone familiar with Zimmer's work will know that he writes people exceptionally well, no matter what world or realm they are from! There is a palpable sense of fear and anxiety early in the book and the reader is reminded that everyone has been taken out of their comfort zone. All the usual elements are present: Driving the plot is the truly menacing and Machiavellian Unifier.

Here is a villain who knows how to pull the strings and manipulate people to get his own way.

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I found myself immediately drawn into the Saxan struggle as they attempt to repel the invasion of their land and make a bold stand against overwhelming odds. Also the plight and continued stalwart struggle of the people of the Five Realms engages and keeps the pages turning. Despite being set in a fantasy world there are plenty of universal themes explored and whether it is a human from our world or an inhabitant of Ave the thoughts and emotions of its characters will resonate with readers.

We also meet the seafaring people the Midragardians and importantly the exiles learn more about their place in the greater scheme of things. Hefty at over pages long, but ultimately rewarding, this epic and ambitious Fantasy adventure will appeal to anyone who enjoys reading of bravery and heroism in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. I am certain that this entry will continue to enthral its fans.

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Bring on book three! Try The Fires in Eden series. Dream of Legends which is the second book in the Fires in Eden series stands for pages and is a real "door stopper". There is no break between Crown of Vengeance and Dream of Legends. The story continues seamlessly. That makes it slightly difficult for new readers. But I think the following blurb offers enough spoiler free information that you can start to read without problems. For Janus and the other exiles from a modern world, finding themselves in the fantastical lands of Ave was just the beginning.

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Dream of Legends is no run-of-the-mill book. Neither from content nor from size. And therefore it deserves an unusual review. You will not get more details about the story than offered in the blurb. When I read a book there is always a pen and a sheet of paper beside me.

Spirit of Fire

I make notes whenever I think it is necessary. I made a lot of notes in case of Dream of Legends. After a moderate beginning the first quarter the story explodes in nearly sheer madness of scope and detail second and third quarter and turned to be more focused in the final quarter like the first part of Crown of Vengeance. You may understand that I got in trouble with my notes especially in the middle of the book.

I was afraid to get lost in information. I read a lot of pages twice or thrice because I was afraid to miss something and I added more and more notes. That was the time when I wrote a mail to Stephen Zimmer and explained that "I feel buried in information. I can't memorize all the factions, their history, their insignia, all these people.

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So I have often to thump backwards through the book or to check my incomplete notes. Spirit of Fire Fires in Eden, 3 4. A maelstrom of war engulfs lands resisting the designs of the Unifier to bring about a new order, of a kind that has never existed within Ave. Battered by a massive invasion force from Gallea, the tribal people of the Five Realms and their Midragardan allies are being driven eastward, towards the sea, while the Saxan lines Deep Within Everyone, There is a Spirit of Fire Battered by a massive invasion force from Gallea, the tribal people of the Five Realms and their Midragardan allies are being driven eastward, towards the sea, while the Saxan lines are wearing down ever thinner on the Plains of Athelney.

Time is running out quickly, as an ancient creature of legend soars through the skies with a brave young Saxan. They carry the desperate hopes of two realms sorely beset by a voracious enemy. Diabolic entities conduct a great hunt, as a malignant darkness deepens across all of Ave. Exiles from another world must gain refuge, or find themselves ensnared by the long reach of the Unifier. The very nature of creation itself stands in the balance.

It is a time when the honor and fortitude of many are put to the test, and terrible prices are paid for resisting great evils. It is also a time of awakening for many, old and young alike, some of whom may yet discover the spirit of fire that lies within. The third installment in the Fires in Eden series, Spirit of Fire is richly imagined epic fantasy with a diverse ensemble of characters that offers a new world to explore for readers who enjoy large-scale tales along the likes of George R.

Kindle Edition , pages.

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Dream of Legends (Fires in Eden Book 2) - Kindle edition by Stephen Zimmer, Matthew Perry, Karen Leet. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. Crown of Vengeance, Dream of Legends, and Spirit of Fire (Fires in Eden, #3) Book 2. Dream of Legends. by Stephen Zimmer. · 17 Ratings · 8 Reviews ·.

Fires of Eden 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Spirit of Fire , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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Nov 29, Ryan Thomason rated it it was amazing. The world of Ave is dynamic in its inhabitants, from The Elder Dragons the first creations that are essentially Immortals to Wizards actually a race more than profession to the Trogans big, muscular doglike warriors to humans, little rat people, giant monstrosities, and an underground race with nearly stone hide. Most of the world is under his control as he uses his dark powers established in the earlier books as the chosen one of The Lord of Fire, who wants to bring about the Sundering and turn Ave into another pit of Hell, then bring down the gates of the All-Father, the symbol of good and light in the dark world.

Though the Unifier twists and manipulates even those who think he is good to evil deeds. Though, it seems the otherworlders, the 12 people who came from our world are proving more to be near useless. Spirit of Fire keeps building a truly unique story that fills my head with crazy dreams as I did some light reading before bed for the past few months.

Stephen manages to build a world that is vivid and as you read the words unfolding before you, his ability to do what a writer should do best, paint a picture with words in your brain is unparalleled. If you have read and enjoyed the other books in this series, then you will most definitely enjoy this one, as well. Zimmer continues taking the reader on an epic journey and expands the reader's knowledge of the world of Ave.

Furthermore, the reader is taken into the minds of many new and exciting characters, such as the villainous Unifier. If you thought you had this enigmatic character figured out, then think again. This story takes place right after the events of the previous installment a If you have read and enjoyed the other books in this series, then you will most definitely enjoy this one, as well. This story takes place right after the events of the previous installment and continues showing the reader just what is happening all over the land. The tension keeps building until the pulse-pounding finale and keeps the reader turning the pages, in order to see just what is going to happen next.

Finally, I will say that I can't wait to see what the next installment brings. Each one keeps getting better than the last, so I'm sure this trend will continue and I will be eagerly anticipating the one after that. Jun 07, edifanob rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the third book in a series and I'm afraid you need to read the two previous books in case you want a full understanding.

Of course I compare this book with the two previous ones: Book one Crown of Vengeance five stars Book two Dream of Legends four stars The difference between book two and three is an appendix which contains a list of characters and a map. But that did not influence my final rating of four stars. Spirit of Fire is the expected, well executed and highly entertaining, strong ad This is the third book in a series and I'm afraid you need to read the two previous books in case you want a full understanding.

Spirit of Fire is the expected, well executed and highly entertaining, strong advancing adventure which makes it nearly unbearable to wait months for book four.

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Read my full review over at Edi's Book Lighthouse Nov 09, Robin Blankenship rated it really liked it. This series is amazing. It just keeps getting better and better. I love the characters, The adventure all around great read. Moncia K rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Andrew rated it it was amazing Jun 12, Michael West rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Seventh Star Press rated it really liked it Apr 02, Ali Ali's Bookshelf rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Colonel Acula rated it it was amazing May 18,