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It's a form of communication. You cannot be super indulgent. DJing and record collecting definitely influenced what I'm doing now. I always use three to four different sound sources when making music. And since my music is all about mixing and merging different sound sources and signals, the whole aesthetic of DJing has been my main inspiration. What interest do you have in Stockhausen's work? My main interest in his music is his electronic pieces. Hymnen and Telemusik are always my favorite listening experiences from his vast discography.

Also, as a curious youngin' during the '90s in Osaka, I was exploring contemporary music, noise, techno, and house music, all at the same time.

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If there were no ancestors like Stockhausen, there would be no techno or noise music. Listening to Stockhausen's work—especially his electronic compositions—in my 20s helped me to realize there's so much more to be explored in the realm of the sound sphere. I don't really think he actually gave a listen to our super primitive, sonic child play. I was just a fan boy. I remember, after I handed him a CD-R, Stockhausen looked me in my eyes and said "I strongly recommend that you study composition.

What are some of the surprises that you experienced while working with your collaborators? Technically, according to the musical experience, the Sun Araw Midi Octet that I participated in a few years ago at Copenhagen Jazz Festival was full of surprise. The outcome was a very unique electronic amalgam created by the live musicians. It was like a crazy game. Hopefully they keep doing this project with different constellations.

Working with Anders Lauge Meldgaard is always full of pleasant surprises. He's kind of a renaissance type of talent. He plays various instruments, he composes for his string ensemble, builds his own instruments, and he even designed and built his own house. I think we also share a similar optimistic point of view when it comes to music.

Speaking of Pekka Airaksinen, his whole existence surprises me every time we get to hang out. I've already visited him in Finland three times. It's like visiting your uncle—he's the same age group as my parents. He's such an interesting person with a unique philosophy. He deserves an autobiography. And his unreleased music wows me the most.

Personally, I put him and Tori Kudo on the same pedestal. Both are one-of-a-kind musical human beings. Can you explain a little about what is unique about Pekka Airaksinen's philosophy? Oh, where should I start. It's so hard to explain. He's obviously a veteran from the Finnish avant-garde music scene of the s. He's lived by himself in the middle of nowhere, in the countryside of Finland, for decades.

And he's practiced Buddhism for many years. But he's not a pretentious person. He's modest, yet he has a wicked sense of humor. He once told me he'd avoided everything in order to focus on what he loves most—exploring both unique sonic aesthetics and the deep Buddhist stuff. He's the friendliest recluse you could ever imagine. The fact that a person could live in that way and still be such a creative person just amazes me.

Last time I visited him, he played me a couple of his recent recordings. They were mind-boggling futuristic sounds. They are still ahead of our time. He's been just doing him—a creative and lovely human being. As the story goes, you met most naive musician Tori Kudo while playing steel drums in Matsuyama, Japan. How were you invited to play music with his freeform folk ensemble Maher Shalal Hash Baz? I first met Tori in Matsuyama city where he lives nearby in September I was at a tiny in-store concert organized by my friends. I was still playing my steel drum with an almost skeletal setup, and Tori was one of the few folks from the local music community all lovely people gathered around for the concert at a second-hand bookstore it was at the upstairs of the old building—the downstairs was a coffee store.

It was a rainy evening. I remember there were ambulances passing by outside of the building making beautiful Doppler effects while I was playing. I poured some water onto my steel drum, making some reverberating waterphone-esque sounds. And I also used rubber drum sticks, rubbing the surface of pan, making human voice-like noises. After my performance, Tori talked to me outside of the book store, I introduced myself and chatted for a bit.

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Tori seemed to be such a cool person. He said he liked what I did in the evening, and I was happy about it. The next evening, I was in Tori's car with a couple of my friends. Tori drove all night to get to Gifu prefecture where Maher was supposed to play at the open-air festival the following afternoon. I hopped on the car with my pan just expecting to hang out for a few days at the festival. While we were still on the way to the festival, my mobile phone received a group email for the Maher participants in the festival.

It was more like an orchestra constellation. About 20 people were involved in it. Then I noticed my name was listed as their steel drum player for the festival. And the rest is history. Were there revelations working with an artist so spiritually "liberated" from the status quo? You don't have to be a technically virtuoso type to make good music. It's always about how unique and different your musical ideas are.

That's what I got from him. If I hadn't met him at that distinct time in my life, I could be millions of miles away from what I'm doing now. He had a mentor role to me—whether he may disagree or not, he's my sensei forever. In the short period of time I participated with Maher as a steel drum player, we played at a few festivals like All Tomorrow's Parties in UK. That was an amazing experience. Probably that was a most fruitful result since I got to know Tori. Anders Lauge Meldgaard and I did an opening act for the night as duo. Have Tori and Pekka encouraged you to prioritize the power of music ideas over technical skill and spirit over mastery?

Or something like that? Yeah, I think so. Knowing them in person helped cement my early, primitive concept about music creation and it reflected my listening experiences, too —the value of fresh and unique ideas over technical skills. For example, everybody knows of Thelonious Monk.

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But he wasn't actually a very skillful bop pianist compared to his contemporaries back then. He had his own unique musical ideas and had enough technique to realize them. That made his music really stand out.

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And how have your various collaborators inspired you to rethink your own music making processes or goals? This applies to all the names I mentioned above. They never judged me because I'm not a trained musician. They just see me as a musical person and appreciate my way of going.

That's the type of people I want to be around. And more importantly, they all have unique musical ideas, and they know exactly how to realize their own ideas. The liner notes of your first solo album, Cepheidian , reference a rather unique philosophical concept: Temporal and local changes underlaid and still consistent in their spirit, they sweep through the universe and are the comparison and its resolution.

The concept of the record was actually not mine. He had that whole concept for his label Planet Almanac. But whole notes on his tape were inspired by my music, so it was more like a collaborative effort between him and I. While we started discussing the release, we had a couple of nice Skype chats, which resulted in the title 'Cepheid-ian'—which could mean that some vibrational movements only exist or occur at a Cepheidian variable: I did the sound and he came up with the back story.

I'm not gravitated to these. I tried to read some famous classics when I was younger, but they didn't speak to me much. I used to love me some [Georges] Bataille, though. Sometime I'd picked up one of his books, randomly open a page, and start reading from whatever lines I got caught on. I just love his writing. It's like reading a novel full of vivid imagery and quotations. It's very obscure and enigmatic even. I used to read a lot of novels and short stories which, directly or indirectly, were under the influence of surrealism, and metafiction and such. Those type of books, once they click with you, work magic with your imagination, and help expand it.

Marcel Duchamp's interview from , with Pierre Cabbane, impressed me when I was younger. There are so many gems in it. Although I'm not reading books as often, compared to my teens and 20s, some lines from the books I read when I was younger still stick in my head and come back sometime even more vividly. If you could be any non-human creature for a day, joined by an artist from any medium of your choosing, regardless of whether the artist is alive or otherwise, which animal would you be and how would you spend a day with your artist companion?

I'd be a poisonous snake, like a king cobra. And maybe I'd spend a day creeping in the shadow of the prepared piano of the young John Cage still in his 30s, before he made 4'33", Cartridge Music, Rozart Mix, etc. I would be thinking: How might the history of modern music change if I decided to jump out of the shadow right now and bite him? I know it's nothing but silly nonsense.

And I mean no disrespect to Cage, either. But thinking about this impossible situation gives me great pleasure. What are your plans for the future? Are there any creative processes, software, or equipment that you'd like to explore next? I'm a polar opposite of "gear nerd" type, but I've been playing and recording with the same setup for the past five years, so I think it's time to start to switch up a bit. I've been recording my music only in my bedroom for a long time.

But I'm going to start sharing the studio with friends here in Osaka this spring Sharing a music studio with others is still not super common in Japan. That could be the whole change of pace for my creative process. I've got four to five potential releases in the pipeline. We recorded it in So, after 15 years, it'll be out to the world. When we did our original recording session, I attached my SONY contact mic the one not even made for the professional music use onto some small instruments and non-instruments—kalimba, cardboard box played by brush stick, a small electric fan etc.

I added some delay and loop effects with a Line 6 pedal while Senju played on an instrument, then we overdubbed it with different instruments in the same way, one by one. I mixed the tracks in early , but I had zero knowledge about how to do the more or less proper mixing; it was just instinctual.

Whole sessions were improvised, and the outcome was somehow rewarding. Using the contact mic as an audio microscope, while exploring sounds, you can lose yourself and get drawn in for hours. But we were basically just having fun. Musically, it's similar to Impulse! We recorded our rehearsal in Copenhagen last April with Anders' broken portable cassette tape recorder. The recording quality was beyond lo-fi but the music was flowing and beautiful. It's a long-term goal. I also have an idea for an hour-long even piece.

I got a story about this. It was a string ensemble playing slow-moving, very melodic music, but it came with the sense of a circular rhythm. I ain't gonna lie, I literally woke up with tears in my eyes because the dream music was so beautiful and so moving. I've been thinking lately that I might be starting to get closer to realizing this dream music. Maybe it's time to start studying real composition technique, just like the late Stockhausen once told me. Welcome to another new edition of "Brits in Hot Weather" which has been buffed to a high shine for your eyes and ears.

As always we will be bringing you five new songs from five British artists to float your boat and tickle your pickle. This week we have the atmospheric, dark pop of Amethysts, the spacious electropop of Peakes, the caustic grime meets post-punk of Farai, the sparkling garage-rock of Bessie Turner, and the '80s synthpop-influenced Pizzagirl. Hailing from East Anglia, electronic duo, Amethysts show off their atmospheric dark pop sensibilities on their superb new single. On "How It Is", the duo craft a rich yet delicate sonic landscape using walls of fluid, neon synths, ringing electric guitar and vintage drum machine beats.

On top of it all sits singer Clarice's effortlessly smooth vocals that seem to defy the rules of gravity. Throughout, she weaves in cool, vocal hooks that shine like newly cut glass before finding release in a chorus that soon crawls under the skin. The song itself warns against the perils of stagnation and how, too often, people elect for passivity rather than action. That inertia that creeps through life like a slow-acting poison, quietly deadening even the outermost reaches of our character and our relationships; all because you accept that it's just "how it is".

Leeds-based trio Peakes make beautifully isolated alt-pop music that blends ambient electronics with remote synthpop sounds. Opening with a deep synth bass figure that prowls around the spaces between Molly Puckering's vocals, like a fox stalking in the twilight. The band boldly elongate the breaks between the notes to maximise the impact of the vocals and to let every subtle, lyrical inference sink in. It's a song that impresses as much as with what it shows as with what it keeps hidden as the band resist the urge to let the chorus soar, instead tethering it tightly to the ground.

That said, there is a momentum to the song, intensified by the live drums that keep the track moving like a boulder gently rolling back from the edge of a cliff. Zimbabwe-born Farai makes one hell of an impression on a rumbling, minimalist track that takes aim at the British class system. Mixing equal parts grime, hip-hop, techno, and post-punk, Farai and producer Tone serve a stunning mix that's as lethal as its namesake cocktail. That cocktail in question is a combination of prosecco and Buckfast wine A fortified wine synonymous with working class drinking and, sometimes, lovingly known as "wreck the hoose juice" in parts of Scotland.

Farai cleverly uses the very concept of mixing two beverages synonymous with different ends of the class system to expose the hypocrisy in it. It's a simple enough track, built on jarring, squelchy synths and a straightforward four on the floor rhythm but full of snarling, punk rock raw attitude. Farai's vocals swing from caustic sarcasm "I'm drowning in first world problems" to pointed social commentary "It's time for the bright young things to rise". Throughout, Farai embodies the true spirit of punk, chipping away at the foundations of the British class system and taunting the upper classes "Poor Rich girl.

Hailing from Suffolk, Bessie Turner 's style of breezy, garage rock sees her join the likes of Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, and Phoebe Bridgers in making multi-layered, introspective, hook-filled guitar music. Turner's latest single,"Nino", is a mid-tempo garage-pop song, based around her loose, ringing guitar playing. Producer Chris Woodcraft, who won a grammar for his work on In Rainbows , keeps things fresh and easy; charging the song with an electric immediacy. In doing so, he allows Turner's voice to shine through with an arresting clarity as she disguises the wistful lyrics behind enduring hooks and pop melodies.

It's a deceptively bright and carefree song that doesn't take long to lodge itself tightly into your brain. Liverpool, solo artist Pizzagirl is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming Season 2 EP with the mind-bending, decade straddling, nostalgia trip that is the new song "Body Part". Opening with late night synths that seem to draw his swirling vocals into the darkness, Pizzagirl seems worryingly lost and isolated as he repeats the line "Cause they hate me now.

Despite the unexpected left turn into confident, dizzying synthpop, Pizzagirl struggles to haul himself out of his personal funk. There is an ever-present sense of melancholy, especially when his voice warps and cracks as he sings "I'm alone tonight". By taking his fears and anxieties and viewing through the prism of colourful, positive early '80s synthpop, Pizzagirl has shown he is one of the most boldly original artists around today.

So, there you have it. Five brilliant new tracks for you to savour. As always, support the underground and support these artists. Also, remember that all the songs featured here and in all the previous editions of Brits in Hot Weather can be found on our Spotify playlist. Until the next time, keep fighting the good fight. DeepMind repeatedly, unconditionally promised to never connect people's intimate, identifiable health data to Google.

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Si no hay un iPhone para cargar, el LED permanece en rojo. Si nuestro iPhone cuenta con Face ID y queremos mirar las notificaciones o desbloquear el terminal, tendremos que colocarnos casi encima de la pantalla para hacerlo. Suficientes para que siempre acertemos al colocar el terminal para recargar. Se encuentra en el frontal y no molesta demasiado. Ambos accesorios han sido cedidos para la prueba por parte de Macnificos.

En un coche de gasolina vamos sentados encima de 40 o 60 litros de combustible y lo vemos como algo normal. Algunas se reemplazan, otras se reubican. Pero, independientemente de todo ello, una cosa es obvia y evidente: Ministers invited to read document at No 10 this evening ahead of crunch Wednesday cabinet meeting.

May tells her cabinet, this is the deal — now back me. Six key questions about Theresa May's Brexit deal. One bright spot in this day of hectic Brexit news is that people are being very funny on the internet about it all. Brexit has been 18 months of watching someone trying to haggle on prices with the automatic scanning machine at a Tesco checkout. Yfw when your Mum catches you in the fridge going to town on a block of cheese at 3am BrexitDeal pic.

When you turn up to the club and the doorman sends you away cause you have unsuitable shoes BrexitDeal pic. It's going to be absolutely fine, I can feel it! The FT has a similar headline: May accused of betrayal as she unveils Brexit deal tomorrowspapertoday pic. Laura Kuenssberg is logging off Twitter for the day, which is a sign that news may be slowing down. She says that if Cabinet signs off on the deal tomorrow then the date it is taken to — and approved by — the EU is likely to be 25 November. Last tweet of busy day - if Cabinet agrees tmrw expect Raab to pop up in Brussels soon - then EU summit on 25th Nov the likely date.

Ministers have been given hundreds of pages of the deal to study overnight. Cabinet will reconvene tomorrow at 2pm to discuss and vote on the agreement. Cabinet is expected to last for three hours. Most ominous moment in Cabinet today: Penny Mordaunt asked the PM to suspend collective responsibility to give all ministers a free vote on her deal in Commons. ITV journalist, Robert Peston, has this explanation of how the Northern Ireland question will be handled in the Brexit deal, as he understands it. But this where we are now In a joint letter, the leaders of the opposition parties say existing procedures, such as limiting debate to 90 minutes, are not appropriate in this case and have urged May to allow multiple amendments to be tabled.

Parliament is sovereign and must have a truly meaningful vote on any Brexit agreement. We demand that Parliament is able to amend and propose alternatives to whatever deal the Government brings forward. Leadsom and Grayling also on board. McVey and Mordaunt so far not. We want a sensible deal which works for Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and our neighbours in the Republic of Ireland.

But our desire for a deal will not be superseded by a willingness to accept any deal. An agreement which places new trade barriers between Northern Ireland and Great Britain will fundamentally undermine the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom. That is not acceptable. It goes against everything the government promised it would deliver. This is the moment of truth. This is the fork in the road. Do we pursue a future as an independent nation or accept EU domination, imprisonment in the customs union and second class status?

The huge slogans and the white T-shirted faithful sat like a choir on the stage does give the event the slight feel of a revivalist church meeting. This rally for a second referendum is half rock concert half evangelical church meeting. Very high production values. MPs should not be supporting an agreement that damages our public services and makes it harder for our children and grandchildren.

This deal still needs to be agreed by the cabinet, approved by Parliament and ratified by the EU. Last December, a joint report by UK and EU negotiators was agreed, in which it was stated there would be no hard border in Ireland. While we await the publication of this document, it is a matter of concern that some are presenting the backstop agreement as temporary. We are writing to you with regard to an issue of the utmost importance: That is to ensure that Parliament has a truly meaningful vote on any Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Recent interventions from government ministers have suggested that you and your government may seek to limit or constrain the process on the final vote, in an attempt to muzzle Parliament. We want to be clear that this would be wholly unacceptable. Finally, after months of procrastination, the government and parliament are reaching the point where choices about Brexit that ministers and MPs have been avoiding since the summer of can no longer be put off. Some key decisions may be taken within the next 24 hours; others in the run-up to the parliamentary vote which we are now expecting in mid-December, after an EU summit expected at the end of November.

He is expected to meet his deputy, Simon Coveney , and the minister for European affairs, Helen McEntee , tonight to discuss the latest text. The divisions wihin the Tory party are laid bare. How come all these Brexiteers are throwing their toys out of the pram Could it be that they always intended us to jump naked off the cliff whatever the terms! We must be able to scrutinise the deal and understand its implications. I am clear, however, that reaching agreement at technical level does not negate the threat posed by Brexit to jobs and living standards.

The best way to avoid that is to stay in the EU, in line with how people in Scotland voted. With the government under fire on many sides, the chief whip Julian Smith sought to keep up an optimistic tone. An air of nervousness has descended in Dublin with scant comment from either the prime minister or his deputy prime minister. Various figures from across the political spectrum are piling the pressure on May; not least the hard Brexit figures in her own party, such as the former Tory leader, Iain Duncan Smith.

Those incendiary Iain Duncan Smith quotes: Those members of the cabinet, what they do over the next 24 hours will probably be the most important thing they do in their lives. They now have an opportunity to stand up for their country and to defend its destiny. We very much hope that they will take it. It is emerging from reports that Northern Ireland will indeed have deeper and different provisions on customs and regulations than Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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The UK government must now set out the details of the draft agreement. I am very, very confident that across the piece in parliament, people will look at this and say, what does it do to our precious union, and what does it do for the United Kingdom in the decades ahead? Perhaps not entirely surprisingly, the Lib Dems are not impressed with what May is thought to have agreed. Any Brexit deal will leave the UK weakened and the public poorer. And before the ink is dry, the Conservative party will tear into what little Theresa May has been able to agree.

The prime minister now faces a defeat in Parliament, as a majority will be hard or impossible to secure for what she has come up with. The separate rules for Northern Ireland have been put in one backstop, rather than being in a separate backstop, which if anything is worse than a backstop to the backstop. The confidence and supply arrangement is one that we have in terms of ensuring that the government delivers on stable government and delivers on Brexit, and the other priorities that we have. Let us see what transpires over the course of the next fews days and weeks.

We are very focused on delivering a proper Brexit for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and we will ensure that happens. I hope that we will see it pretty soon. My message is that they need to stand behind the union, foursquare, the precious union that the prime minister talked about, and to deliver on the pledges that she made, not just in the Tory manifesto but to the people of this United Kingdom that we would leave the customs union and single market, all of it, and that we would leave as one kingdom.

Finally, after months of prevarication, the government and parliament are reaching the point where choices about Brexit that ministers and MPs have been avoiding since the summer of can no longer be avoided. Some key decisions may be taken within the next 24 hours, others in the run-up to the parliamentary vote which we are now expecting in mid December, after an EU summit expected at the end of November. But, nevertheless, Brexit has entered the endgame.

May calls emergency cabinet meeting to sign off final Brexit deal with Brussels. We will look at the details of what has been agreed when they are available. But from what we know of the shambolic handling of these negotiations, this is unlikely to be a good deal for the country. Labour has been clear from the beginning that we need a deal to support jobs and the economy - and that guarantees standards and protections. We are going to stay in the customs union, we are going to stay in large parts of the single market.

Liam Fox , the international trade secretary, arrived at 10 Downing Street shortly before 5. He declined to answer questions from reporters as he entered. As the Press Association reports, the spokesman said: We will take stock at the midday presser. If that did not happen, parliament should block it, he said. Boris Johnson , the Brexiter former foreign secretary, says the withdrawal agreement has been well trailed. The UK will stay in the customs union and in large parts of the single market.

The UK will be bound by laws over which it has no say. He also says the deal will not protect the union. There will be customs checks down the Irish Sea. And in some aspects Dublin will have more say over Northern Ireland than London, he says. I am told draft beexit withdrawal agreement is likely to be in excesss of pages but the accompanying draft political declaration very much smalller- a previous draft was just 15 pages.

She is only seeing those she sees as "key" - which presumably mean those She does not trust them to take the documents away with them, because From what we are hearing that is not the case Five business groups, including the CBI, British Chambers of Commerce and the Institute of Directors have been called in by the government for a Brexit briefing, it has been confirmed. What to make of this?

Is Dublin unhappy at the 'agreed' text? If so, that would point to May having something on 'review mechanism' that might yet fly in Cabinet. Or perhaps Coveney just being careful not to jump the gun. A Number 10 spokesman saied:. Cabinet will meet at 2pm tomorrow to consider the draft agreement the negotiating teams have reached in Brussels, and to decide on next steps.

Cabinet ministers have been invited to read documentation ahead of that meeting. Numerous reports now of a Brexit exit text finalised. I am told by a good sources that the text had been stabilised but not formalised. Very good summary of where we from Tony here. Two things worth remembering: May calls emergency cabinet meeting to sign off Brexit deal. Negotiations between the EU and UK on a withdrawal agreement are ongoing and have not concluded. Negotiators are still engaged and a number of issues are outstanding. We are not commenting further on leaks in the media.

Text has been sent to London, but EU officials not calling it a deal yet. Waiting on cabinet to know it it's a done deal. Seem to remember the cabinet being called into No 10 one by one in November Cabinet minister confirms to me that there WILL be a special meeting tomorrow. Source confirms divorce deal text agreed at technical level, Cabinet to meet early afternoon tomorrow Source - Business groups expecting to be briefed on brexit tomorrow.

A senior EU source tells me reports of a deal at negotiator level are correct and Theresa May will hold a Cabinet meeting tomorrow. Cabinet ministers are being called into No10 to see the PM one by one tonight ahead of full Cabinet meeting tomorrow to sign off Brexit divorce deal. One tomorrow morning, when she presents ministers with her Brexit deal, and another either at the end of the day or the following morning once they've read the mountain of material.

Well that was one of the strangest Lobby briefings I've attended. Feels v much like Cabinet to get Brexit deal papers tonight and meeting tmrw. EU and UK negotiators have agreed a text on how to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, which will form part of the Withdrawal Agreement, rtenews understands. Two well-placed sources say the text was "stabilised" last night, around 9pm and then transmitted to Downing Street. One source said the text is "as stable as it can be. It's understood there is one overall backstop to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland.

It will be in the form of a UK-wide customs arrangement, but will have "deeper" provisions for Northern Ireland on the customs and regulatory side. A senior source said it would be wrong to say negotiations were "concluded", and that there was still some "shuttling" between London and Brussels. While the text is "stable" from a negotiators point of view, it will obviously have to get cabinet and then parliamentary approval. A review mechanism is understood to be part of the text. There may be provisions relating to Northern Ireland within the text and within annexes to take account of a scenario whereby the UK-wide customs arrangement does not sufficiently avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, rtenews understands.

In the Commons Robert Buckland , the solicitor general, is winding up for the government. If those go, the communities go they say. No-deal Brexit will kill our communities, say Northern Irish farmers. But he says Labour has made it clear that it is not seeking the legal advice offered to ministers as they go into negotiations. He said it will be important for Northern Ireland to know what the backstop plans actually mean, and whether they will be genuinely temporary. I want to give a commitment to the opposition and the House: In addition, the attorney general has authorised me to confirm to the House this afternoon that he is ready to assist further by making an oral statement to the House and to take questions from members of the House in the normal way.

This government or the ERG? Labour sources say the party will not be withdrawing its motion. So, with the government abstaining, it should go through unopposed. Dominic Grieve, the Consevative former attorney general, and a pro-European who has rebelled against the government on Brexit, is speaking now. He says he does not know if the leaked document purporting to be an account of how the government would sell Brexit was accurate or not. But if it was accurate, it was a disgrace, he says.

Message to Tory MPs from Whips: Colleagues are advised that should either Opposition motions be put to the vote and divided upon, we will not be voting in either". As a ahem former government lawyer, I have mixed feelings about the Brexit "legal advice" vote. As a matter of general principle, legal advice should be privileged and confidential. And requests for publication of government legal advice are often insincere attempts to secure political goals by proxy. What DLidington is saying know to the House is twaddle. No government lawyer will be inhibited in giving frank legal advice if legal advice disclosed.

Also a "legal analysis" published later will not be the advice as it currently is. And the position of the Attorney-General is not same as civil servant legal advice. Quasi-legal and political, as opposed to a legal position. DLidington 's arguments are not that convincing. The Commons should either vote for disclosure, or accept the advice should be confidential - but there is no good reason to accept this "compromise" which neither one thing nor the other.

He says he is at a disadvantage in this debate; he has never been a lawyer. But he also has an advantage; he has never been a lawyer. He says lawyers should be serving the public interest. MPs have been told govt abstaining on legal advice vote -. Lidington says there is no precedent for a government receiving legal advice one week, and publishing it the next. He says if that were to happen, in future legal advice would be less likely to be written down.

And it might be worse, he says. Lidington says he has found only one precedent for the government publishing legal advice in full in recent years. That was when the Blair government published its Iraq legal advice. But that was two years after it was written, and only after extracts had been selectively leaked to the media, he says. He says, as a special adviser, he worked with civil servants, and they would oppose this. Lidington says the Labour motion, as worded, goes beyond what Starmer was asking for in his spech.

Robert Courts, a Conservative, intervenes. John Bercow , the speaker, says MPs cannot debate the amendment, because it has not been selected. Will the economic analysis compare the deal to the status quo?

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E todas as pessoas que me deram ajuda, me ajudaram a olhar para o lado de dentro. Modos de ver PDF Download. This is the fork in the road. May tells her cabinet, this is the deal — now back me. Farai cleverly uses the very concept of mixing two beverages synonymous with different ends of the class system to expose the hypocrisy in it. I hope that we will see it pretty soon.

And there will be analysis from outside bodies too, he says. Lidington says he will agree and accept on behalf of the government that the analysis provided by the government after the withdrawal agreement is ready will include a legal analysis. David Lidington , the Cabinet Office minister, is now responding for the government. Starmer says the ordinary rules of client confidentiality are waived by the government if there is a public interest in the disclose of government legal advice. Vicky Ford , a Conservative, asks if Starmer is asking for publication of the final legal advice, or for the publication of any legal advice on this matter.

She says the Labour motion refers to any legal advice. This advice is about what provisions in a treaty mean. That is not the same as legal advice telling ministers what they must do to act lawfully. The government published a summary of its legal advice on the legality of the Iraq war in Starmer says at the time he thought the full advice should have been published.

The government did subsequently publish the full text in , he says. Starmer says the government has already committed to publishing appropriate analysis of the withdrawal deal. That was a reference to an economic impact analysis, he says. But he says the same principle applies to the legal impact.

Dominic Grieve, the Conservative former attorney general, says the best solution would be for the government to publish, not the raw legal advice, but a summary. And if the summary does not match the advice, the attorney general should resign. Anna Soubry, another pro-Euroean Tory, also intervenes.

She suggests that what Starmer is asking for is different from what is demanded in the motion. And it wants all MPs to be able to see it, he says, after the withdrawal agreement has been concluded with the EU. Starmer says Labour accepts the convention that in normal circumstances government legal advice should not be published. Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, is opening the debate for Labour. That an humble address be presented to Her Majesty, that she will be graciously pleased to give directions that the following papers be laid before parliament: The party has previously called for the advice to be made public.

And there is not much a huge amount to report on the Brexit front. The prime minister told cabinet that since they last met negotiations had continued in Brussels and good progress had been made. However, the PM said, there remained a small number of outstanding issues as the UK pushes for the best text which can be negotiated.

It sounds like the negotiators have agreed a final text for Brexit deal. Now waiting to see if Theresa May will accept it. Clearly that is harder to do if we are being kept in the dark. That means a government defeat seems inevitable. Govt facing defeat in Commons this afternoon over publication of Brexit legal advice - as ERG say they will abstain on Labour motion.

John Bercow, the speaker, has decided not to select the ERG amendment on publishing Brexit legal advice see 9. Hearing the ERG's compromise amendment to Labour's humble address has not been selected; so government will still face a vote this afternoon on whether full Brexit legal advice must be published. And here are some of the most interesting articles around this morning from other papers and websites. The renewed cabinet opposition to the emerging draft Brexit treaty has increased the chances of Britain leaving without a deal.

Instead, this is an…. En 'Super Drags' nos encontramos con la historia de tres hombres, Patrick, Ralph y Donizete , que trabajan en un departamento de unos grandes almacenes. En este sentido, si bien es una serie bastante divertida hay que reconocer que sus planteamientos argumentales no dejan de ser bastante infantiles. Es un poco lo que pasa con ' Hora de aventuras ' y otras series parejas: Una fiesta queer a la que da gusto estar invitado.

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David Sockel has joined the senior leadership team as Chief Commercial Officer. In this new role, Sockel will lead the strategic direction of the organization across The official English translation of the German foundation's statement suspending the award to Linda Sarsour's womensmarch because of concerns over their antisemitism is here: I will miss you all my days.

Read it all here: A gala opening is scheduled for Saturday, June 23, In , AJDC began the annual tradition of asking each member to create […]. Las reuniones secretas de Cristina Kirchner para armar el https: En muy buenas condiciones. Cocina y living comedor. Patio adelante con mesa de jardin.. Publicado por Anea Propiedades a traves de Inmomap en The Last Kingdom season 2 recap. The Last Kingdom series 3: The Last Kingdom series 2 episode 8 review. We explore the best of them… See related. TPB Bank imetoa msaada ikiwa sehemu ya shughuli zao za kijamii.

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If so, Toby has no idea for what the thing is looking. To add to his troubles, he suspects Amy, not only is bidding for the property he's wanted forever but is in love with him. And he's not interested. Having loved Toby since a teenager, she's more than willing to join forces with him.

But she has no interest in being his best friend or a sister to him. And if she has to resort to schemes of outbidding him at his frequent auction attendances to get his attention, then so be it. She can be just as stubborn as the man who's determined to ignore her love. In between the break-ins, destruction of property, thefts and personal competitions against each other, Amy and Toby work together to find the thief who seems so determined to find a valuable item, he'll stop at nothing.

Buy the book HERE. Carole's Tuna Salad Mix. A delicious Tuna Salad from The Coffee Shop in Toby's Troubles that has a light kicky tartness due to the dip and lemon juice , but is utterly delicious. I like to encourage those who try this recipe to experiment with the ingredients. Start light with some of the ingredients, then add more to satisfy your taste. Or switch an item with a different, special touch you crave.

Fresh tuna, chopped or 1 can — 5 oz. Sea salt and pepper to taste. Lightly mix these ingredients together. Then choose one of the following: Swirled wheat bread, buttered, lightly toasted and sliced in half. Warmed flour tortilla shells. Eat on top of chilled and halved cucumber slices with centers scooped out. Eat as a salad on a plate with crackers or tortilla chips or Fritos. One thick slice of tomato. A dash of Parmesan cheese on top. Toda la finca dispone de riego por goteo y California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a wildfire management bill in that could have saved the lives of Californians who perished in the fires over the weekend.

Obama-era regulations introduced excessive layers of bureaucracy that blocked proper forest management and increased environmentalist litigation and costs—a result of far too many radical environmentalists, bureaucrats, Leftist politicians and judicial activists who would rather let forests burn, than let anyone thin out overgrown trees or let professional loggers harvest usable timber left from beetle infestation, or selectively cut timber. Laguna Beach went through four fires sparked by utility lines in the last ten years, and has done as much in the way of prevention as they could afford.

Brown vetoed SB , despite being passed by the Legislature, in the Assembly and in the Senate. That tells you this was political. How on earth could Brown kill this bill when the state was burning down? Moorlach said in a statement following the surprise veto. After SB was killed by Gov. Moorlach and his brilliant staff had an epiphany: The killing was purely political, with no regard given to the people of the state.

The ARB is extorting millions of dollars from California businesses on their best guesses. Last year, there were more than 9, major wildfires which burned over 1. Several of the large fires were caused or exacerbated by sparking utility lines. Instead, the ARB spends a substantial amount of cap and trade funds on high-speed rail, which literally increases GHG emissions and eliminates large carbon sinks. The ARB has a history of diverting funds to pet projects and programs that have little or nothing to do with actually reducing GHG emissions.

In the only bill analysis done on SB , this is the drivel she wrote:. You have to find a more elegant way of relating to material things. You have to use them with greater sensitivity and sophistication. Essa vontade de vagar por essas terras e vivenciar a possibilidade de capturar essas criaturas e as treinar.

E assim como Pokemon GO era um sonho no passado, Cyberpunk decidiu ser m primeira pessoa exatamente pra transportar a pessoa pra dentro do jogo com um VR.

What is Kobo Super Points?

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Em Rossini voltou para Bolonha. Seis movimentos do seu Stabat Mater foram escritos em e os restantes em , o ano da morte de seu pai. View this post on Instagram. One of the best books of provides some answers to those bewildered by the crazy happenings on college campuses, Israel-related and not, over the last few years. The Coddling of the American Mind , written by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt expands on an article the authors wrote for The Atlantic in , proposing an explanation for anti-free-speech phenomena they then saw metastasizing on college campuses.

Lukianoff is the President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education FIRE , an organization created to fight attempts to stifle free speech at colleges and universities. Historically, the group supported students dealing with campus speech codes being imposed by college administrators.

But starting in the early s, Lukianoff began to notice that many demands to limit what people could say or think were coming not from those attending, rather than running, schools. Lukianoff also noticed how explanations students provided in their demands for controls of and over what could be uttered were couched in the language of safety. In addition to his professional work, Lukianoff spent years working through depression with the help of a technique called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT.

As anti-speech activists on campus talked about words as a form of violence, or interpreted simple rudeness as punishable bigotry, Lukianoff and his co-author began to see destructive cognitive distortions playing out within whole communities, rather than individuals. Incivisme pdf download Download opmin gratis indosat untuk android Thala dialogues download music Doh tell me that soundcloud downloader. Download exaltasamba vivo All new missions, better weapons, uglier aliens and more!

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