The Jokers of Sarzuz

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Enter the Jokers of Sarzuz, the greatest troupe of circus acts on the planet, along with their Ringmaster, who is a very scary fellow. Be careful what you wish for. The price may be too high. A Mindspace Investigations Short Story. Le Coeur de la Mer. Confessions of a Zombie's Wife. Night Train to Florence.

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The Falconry, A Short Story. The End of the World: Best Horror of the Year.

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'The Jokers of Sarzuz' is a chilling tale about how far people will go to find redemption. Emilio and Irena are desperate to save their circus but are dogged by one. Read "The Jokers of Sarzuz" by Paul Sherman with Rakuten Kobo. A circus will live or die on the quality of its acts. Plagued with bad luck, Gabrazini's Mammoth .

From "Short Cuts", a short story collection. The Deep Blue Sea. The Jumbalees in the Smelly Pirates.

The Jokers of Sarzuz

In the Looking Glass. Playing For The Dead. The End of the Circus. Tales from the Unknown. War ravaged the land as humans faced off with the Nanite Army of Fire. Eventually the world was plunged into darkness.

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The world governments no longer existed, until one Dr. Fulbright began rebuilding English society in New Southampton.

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Also by This Publisher. My main issue with Singularity: What do you think? Though the quick-moving plot is very exciting and interesting and keeps the reader interested, it seems to move a bit too quickly at times. Fate seemed to intervene when Dr.

Fate seemed to intervene when Dr. Fulbright dead, the struggling city was left without guidance or authority. Authority was regained when brutal Queen Anne anointed herself the new city monarch. Anne quickly established a brutal regime bathed in blood and violence. In light of death and oppression, the people of New Southampton seek saviors. In the darkness, some have heard the call for Revolution.

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Beings that have crawled out of the time of the Singularity to give the people hope. Many call these harbingers of salvation the Posthumans. The Posthumans have risen from the ashes. From Pro Se Productions. In a world that is both futuristic and reminiscent of the past, tyranny reigns and oppression is systemic. The society of New Southampton is one of class conflict, technology, and mutations. Rise of the Posthumans a group of imaginative and laudable authors contribute their own creativity to the formation of this foreign and dark world, forming an entertaining and exciting collection of stories.

Each of the stories were very exciting and there was rarely a dull moment amidst all of the action. The characters in each of the stories were captivating and interesting, tenacious and complicated in their own ways. The plots of the stories themselves were fascinating and several times I found myself disappointed that they ended — many could have easily stood alone and been extended as novels. Singularity is also an absorbing exploration of the issues of ambiguous morality, class conflict, and tyranny. My main issue with Singularity: Rise of the Posthumans is the timelessness of it.

By this I mean that the time period in which the stories is set is not constant and is frankly befuddling. Though the stories are ostensibly meant to be set in the future, much of the description and dialogue hearkens to a long ago past, which was personally quite confusing and kept me distracted for much of the work. This confusion was worsened by the fact that the time period seemed to change between certain stories as some were more obviously in the future while others seemed to be very much in the past.

Personally, this represents a lack of cohesion in world-building between the different authors and somewhat detracts somewhat from the value of the book. Singularity is an exciting and entertaining read on all accounts; this simply cannot be disputed. Though the time setting of the stories is confusing and detracts a bit from the work, any reader of Singularity: Rise of the Posthumans is sure to be entertained and captivated by the creativity and vision of the assorted authors and their additions to the world in which the book exists.

David Michelinie has been a professional writer for over 40 years. He has written more than comic book stories, spanning genres from westerns to war to horror to super hero. Jennie Wood is the creator of Flutter, a graphic novel series published by Ink.

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Bleeding Cool lists Flutter as one of the 15 best indie comics of She writes non-fiction features for infoplease. While Sherman seems to know more details about his characters and their backstories, he does not share them with the reader. Overall, Sherman crafts a creative and fast-paced horror novella. I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a thrill. He has had stories published in various hard copy magazines, but most recently, he has had three fantasy-horror stories The Jokers of Sarzuz, Daemon Page and Missed!

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He has also written poetry and plays which have been performed at various locations in the UK, including the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.