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Deadly cancers are more prevalent in the area than in other parts of Italy because of the toxicity released by the waste. Many local cancer cases are similar to illnesses caused by pollution in industrial belt regions, although there is no large industry in the area. Gabriele, a Caivano native, lost his father to lung cancer at the age of Waste is left to lie under the open sky near a vegetable field in Orta di Atella.


Toxic waste was mixed with cement or concrete and used in the construction of buildings, motorways, highways and even railway lines in the area and through Italy. Marzia lives in Casalnuovo di Napoli. Her family left Naples looking for a pleasant place with clean air in the countryside.

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Instead, her son Antonio died of cancer at the age of nine. Even households generate hazardous waste from items such as batteries, used computer equipment , and leftover paints or pesticides. Not all hazardous substances are considered toxic. The most overlooked toxic and hazardous wastes are the household products in everyday homes that are improperly disposed of such as old batteries, pesticides, paint, and car oil. Toxic waste can be reactive, ignitable, and corrosive.

With the increase of worldwide technology, there are more substances that are being considered toxic and harmful to human health. Some of this technology includes cell phones and computers. This term is also used for goods such as refrigerators, toys, and washing machines.

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These items can contain toxic components that can break down into water systems when discarded. The reduction in the cost of these goods has allowed for these items to be distributed globally without thought or consideration to managing the goods once they become ineffective or broken. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA and state environmental agencies develop and enforce regulations on the storage, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste. The EPA requires that toxic waste be handled with special precautions and be disposed of in designated facilities around the country.

Also, many US cities have collection days where household toxic waste is gathered. Toxic wastes often contain carcinogens , and exposure to these by some route, such as leakage or evaporation from the storage, causes cancer to appear at increased frequency in exposed individuals. For example, a cluster of the rare blood cancer polycythemia vera was found around a toxic waste dump site in northeast Pennsylvania in They conducted this study in western Massachusetts within a 1-mile radius of the North Hampton Regional Landfill.

People encounter these toxins buried in the ground , in stream runoff, in groundwater that supplies drinking water, or in floodwaters, as happened after Hurricane Katrina. Some toxins, such as mercury, persist in the environment and accumulate. As a result of the bioaccumulation of mercury in both freshwater and marine ecosystems , predatory fish are a significant source of mercury in human and animal diets.

One of the biggest problems with today's toxic material is how to dispose of it properly.

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Before the passage of modern environmental laws in the US, this was in the s , it was legal to dump such wastes into streams, rivers and oceans, or bury it underground in landfills. The agriculture industry uses over , tons of pesticides worldwide annually that contaminates soils, and eventually infiltrates into groundwater, which can contaminate drinking water supplies.

The oceans can be polluted from the stormwater runoff of these chemicals as well.

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Toxic waste in the form of petroleum oil can either spill into the oceans from pipe leaks or large ships, but it can also enter the oceans from everyday citizens dumping car oil into the rainstorm sewer systems. Disposal is the placement of waste into or on the land.

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Five years on, we revisit this story. Irish sport images provided by Inpho Photography unless otherwise stated. Available editions United Kingdom. British police officer jailed for 25 years for raping year-old girl. As resistance to the siting of the PCB landfill in Warren County continued and studies revealed that EPA dry-tomb landfills were failing, EPA stated in its Federal Register that all landfills would eventually leak and should only be used as a stopgap measure. This page was last edited on 25 October , at They conducted this study in western Massachusetts within a 1-mile radius of the North Hampton Regional Landfill.

Disposal facilities are usually designed to permanently contain the waste and prevent the release of harmful pollutants to the environment. The most common hazardous waste disposal practice is placement in a land disposal unit such as a landfill, surface impoundment, waste pile, land treatment unit, or injection well.

Organic wastes can be destroyed by incineration at high temperatures. At least 50 deaths have been reported statewide so far from the late-season wildfires, and with hundreds of people unaccounted for, the toll is likely to rise.

'A toxic wasteland': Hundreds of people still missing after California wildfires

Residents have recounted harrowing tales of fleeing the fires on foot with little more than the clothes on their backs. Others escaped by driving through tunnels of smoke and fire as flames licked at their vehicles on gridlocked roads dotted with abandoned cars. Butte County, where the blaze is located, has seen less than an inch of rainfall in more than 30 weeks. Battling the blaze are more than 5, fire personnel, some from as far away as Washington state and Texas.

The death toll has now risen to 48.

The Fire Department has said that it is threatening another 57, structures. The fires have forced a quarter of a million people to flee their homes and seven evacuation shelters have been set up in Butte County, three of which are already full, according to the authorities. The declaration provides for federal assistance to aid state firefighting and recovery efforts in the counties of Butte, Ventura and Los Angeles.

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