Boob Tube (a soap opera novel)

Boob Tube (a Soap Opera Novel)
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Well done Mark and Lesleyanne Coker. Thank you for the entertainment. Sandra Whinnem on July 11, This is not the kind of story I am used to reading- I don't even like soap operas- but this was a real page turner for me. I wanted to know who Jason ended up with, tho William Wayne Dicksion on April 26, Boob Tube is cleverly written, it is interesting and entertaining.

It reveals the ruthless behavior, emotions, and actions that takes place behind the scene in theatrical productions. The authors make the characters so real that it is difficult for the reader to not take sides in their arguments. A thoroughly enjoyable read. I like the surprise ending.

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Florian Rochat on Feb. Out of curiosity, sort of. The characters may seem caricatural, but how could it be otherwise with a story rooted in the soap opera world?

By Mark Coker & Lesleyann Coker

And this world is certainly rightly and accurately described here. We can sense through many details that Mark and Lesleyann did a serious research there. The funny thing is it's because the authors could not find a print publisher for their work that Mark decided to create Smashword. Looking backward and forward! But considering the size of soap operas audiences, I can't understand how "old style" publishers could decide the book was not marketable. Diane Adams on Sep.

I don't watch soaps, but that didn't keep me from enjoying Boob Tube. At first, I was amused by the ridiculous obsessions of the soap stars, but it is probably too close to the truth to be laughable. All the same, the author made it entertaining and added an element of suspense that kept me reading when I should've been doing other things. Well written, great plot, spectacular ending! I would buy another novel by this author.

Georgi Abbott on June 02, I don't watch soap operas yet i found it fascinating to read about what goes on behind the scenes. As i understand, Lesleyanne was a soap opera reporter so she would certainly know. Kendra Blewitt on May 13, I kept turning the pages out of interest. The drama was good. The sex was at first a bummer but I got used to it. My primary impression, which I think the authors intended, was of extreme cultural decadence. People with gigantic egos that closed off all pathways to their souls. Apparently that is the reality of the Hollywood soap scene, if not of Hollywood generally.

I found myself thanking God that I was a failure. I get the feeling that what is depicted is truth and reality in Hollywood. Thank heavens I live at a great distance from Hollywood.

I stopped watching television years ago. Boy, am I glad I did that! The book is definitely worth reading. Lisa Vandiver on May 01, The Boob Tube was a funny, entertaining, and very enjoyable read. It was quiet interesting to see how the 'stars' of the soap show were in reality just like common people in their real lives.

They dealt with real emotions such as fear of being unloved or becoming unpopular with their fans, which in reality is sad. The authors did an excellent job in their presentation of perhaps real situations that go on behind the cameras. Crystalynne Rickert on Feb. This one is a real page turner! I stayed up much later than I should have for several nights to finish it. The prologue grabs your attention immediately and holds it until the very end when the story comes full circle and all is revealed.

B Washburn on Feb. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters were very vividly developed. The ending took me by surprise.

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Boob Tube - The Novel

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